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Science Day  


Davenant Science Day 

6th June 2017

Science Forensic Day at Davenant Foundation Foundation School

The children had a fantastic day investigating a crime scene.

They observed a reconstructed crime scene and used their scientific skills to find out who had committed the crime. They worked really well together as a team and used all their knowledge to debate who they thought was guilty of the crime.

A clear, colourless liquid was found which they discovered was sodium hydroxide by using universal indicator and finding the pH of the liquid.

The microscopes were really exciting to use as they could see the insects really clearly. They used a key to identify bloodworms and brine shrimps.

The best part was using the bunson burners to find out what the white powder was that had been found at the crime scene. They were really sensible and controlled the flame on the bunson burner as well as testing different solutions. They discovered that the powder found was sodium chloride better known as table salt.

A footprint was also found at the scene. They compared the newtons of the different suspects with the footprint pressure to discover who had done it!


Ella wrote – I believe that Jim Rhundal committed the crime because the colourless liquid was sodium hydroxide which is found in the manufacture of toothpaste and soap. He had worked in the toothpaste factory with the victim and now works on the soap factory. Jim had bought fish and chips an hour before the crime and salt was found at the scene. His newton was the closest to the footprint found at the scene and he wears a hat which an eyewitness remembered seeing.


Science Day 2017



Science Day at Davenant Foundation School 2016

Katy, Arthur and Jonny had a fantastic day at Davenant using their scientific knowledge to ‘solve the crime’. Mrs Stockill very kindly ran our groups day and made sure we were safe using equipment unfamiliar to us. Jonny would like us to have bunson burners in school so he can undertake more experiments! The microscopes allowed us to look at bloodworms and daphnia in detail and decide if that information was relevant or not. Kate was fantastic using the different chemicals and checked her answers against a PH scale. Arthur had super ideas throughout and said ‘this is awesome’. I have to agree, well done to our three CSI’s you solved the crime.