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Woburn Class 2019-2020

Year 5/6

Miss Lane


Week 10




Pudsey's Visit

 Poppy Sale, School Council Meeting and Christmas Card Designs

Our New School Bus


Mental Health Day




English and Reading


DT - completed Anglo-Saxon Clay tiles


Children in Need - Non Uniform Day


4th – 8th November 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

We had odd-sock day including an anti-bullying production: Fire-horse productions called Just Joshing. We learnt how people can feel on the inside but not show it on the outside and we also learnt not to bully and to treat others how you would like to be treated. The production stared two actresses and one actor. We also read the book Harry Potter as we were going on a trip to the Warner Brother studios tour.

Tuesday 5th November 2019

The year 5 and 6 year group went on a trip to The Making of Harry Potter! We were put into groups and then we got on to the coach with our partners. We had two coaches one with the year 5s then another with the year 6s. 1 hour later, we had arrived at the Warner Brother studios; we were all very excited. When we got into the building we had our bags checked through security before we went into the main entrance, hanging over us was the grand dragon that protects Gringgots bank run by goblins. We saw the Great Hall ,the props room also including the Boys dormitory, Hadgrids Hut and The potions classroom .We also discovered platform 9 ¾, the Dursley’s home ,Diagon Alley and many more interesting things about Harry Potter. Later on, our school held a fireworks night and raised over £4000. 

Wednesday 6th November 2019

In maths we learnt how to find the factors of certain numbers. We also wrote about our trip to The Warner Brother Studios and we read some more Harry Potter. In the afternoon, Lottie, Austin and Tilly did PE with Baldocks class. They were sports leaders and helped teach fitness: skipping, hula hooping, running, star jumps and throwing.

Thursday 7th November 2019

We planned our explanation texts based on our trip to Harry Potter and learnt more about factors and number properties in maths. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Beard and Miss Ward. We made our poppies for the reefs. Then some of the class went to do drama with Mrs Hutchings based on scenes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We also did PSHE and thought about our personalities.

Friday 8th November 2019

In maths we did some factor bugs and found the common factors between two numbers and identified the highest common factor. We practised our editing skills in English by finding and correctly the errors Miss Lane had made in an introduction about the Forbidden forest. In PE, we did tag rugby. We played cat and mouse and did some passing skills. Afterwards, we had the star of the week assembly and Taylon and Arthur got star of the week.

          By Lottie and Vacilli




Harry Potter



Early Morning Work


School Council


Odd Sock Day

Week 8



Woburn Class - Gymnastics

More From West Stow



PE - Gymnastics




English Debating


DT Painting the glaze on our Anglo-Saxon clay tiles


Art - Monoprinting

Anglo-Saxons non chronological reports


The Making of Harry Potter


Week 7


Top Golf

Spanish - giving directions

Science - Looking at adaptive traits advantages and disadvantages

School Council meeting in Woburn


Reading - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


RE Assembly


Paul Klee inspired skylines


Partner jumps, counter balances and counter tension in gymnastics




English - Debates





Monday 7th October 2019

On Monday we started our Anglo-Saxon non-chronological reports we were given an A4 sheet of paper to draw our plans. We had to include: introduction, Hengist and Horsa, Anglo-Saxon religion, food and diet, Vortigern, battle of Hastings, did you know, who were the Anglo-Saxons, a picture. Next we did maths we were doing converting measures. After that we had R.E assembly we learnt about roman gods and Goddesses: they name the planets after roman gods, all the gods are the same as Greek gods with different names. And then started our intro of our non-chronological reports.  


Tuesday 8th October 2019

On Tuesday we continued with our non-chronological reports and then in maths we did estimating to check answers. We also went to computing where we did internet safety. In the afternoon we did art, we started to create a composition of a London skyline in the style of Paul Klee, we traced the building onto tracing paper and then copied it into our art books. We did indoor P.E., we did gymnastics Millie took pictures, and we did vaults, benches, and learnt different jumps.


Wednesday 9th October 2019

On Wednesday we continued with our non-chronological reports writing our final paragraphs. In reading comprehension we did inferring about objects, people and places. In maths we chose an appropriate mental strategy for a calculation, we chose between place value, re-grouping, compensation/equal sum and equal difference. After lunch we did science, studying our topic human evolution. We compared the similarities and differences between a modern human and an Australopithecus Afarensis including skeleton and physical appearance.


Thursday 10th October 2019

Thursday morning, first thing was swimming the first group went down to the pool, whilst the other group continued to finish our non-chronological reports on Anglo-Saxons. After both groups went to swimming our class moved on to Miss Barwell, where we also continued to finish our reports, we added everything we needed to finish them off. Next we went down to Mrs Daines` class she gave us a talk and showed us some videos on our Anglo-Saxon school trip for the next day. That afternoon we had Mrs Beard and Mrs Arthur for the rest of the day, we did art, we drew the first letter of our names and drew around them with patterns. Some of us who had not yet created our Anglo-Saxon clay tiles, copied our designs from our books onto the clay.    


          Friday 11th October 2019

Today was the day of our school trip, to west Stow Anglo-Saxon village. We arrived at school at 8:15and got into groups of our classes and line up in pairs to get on the coach. Once we went got to west stow we got into groups: Miss Lanes group, Mrs Beard’s group and the best group of all the Happy Hathaway’s (Mrs Hathaway’s group) and then met up with ben our tour guide. He showed us to the entrance of the museum where we took of our bags and coats and entered the first room. There was a very large boar skin pinned to the wall, we followed the path and saw lots of bones, fossils, and Anglo-Saxon tools. One of the most interesting fact we found was, to make blue wool hey used urine and bran. We also got to try on Anglo-Saxon clothing, including a helmet they would use in battle and took loads of pictures. Next, we played with replicas of the Anglo-Saxon toys. After we finished looking through the museum, we had a lecture with ben to catch up on everything we had seen, this gave us a chance to ask any questions. Ben passed around some objects which we all got to handle and try out, including a hair comb.

When we finished in the museum, it was lunch time, we headed to the nearby lunch room, where we ate our food and chatted about what we had seen early on. When we were done eating we met up with the other group and were escorted to the outdoor Anglo-Saxon village. We put down our bags and explored the houses. There were 8 different houses in the village: the farmer’s house, the oldest house, the sunken house, the hall, the workshop, the weaving house, the living house, craft building.

Written by Amber and Millie


West Stow Anglo-Saxon village


RE - Ancient Faiths ROMANS




Looking at Luke's fossils in Science


Harvest Festival - We all brought in food and supplies to give to the local food bank. We also went to the church for a harvest celebration


Gymnastics Vaulting




Early Morning Work


Christmas Card Designs


Art - Paul Kell inspired skylines and DT - Anglo-Saxon clay tiles


Anglo-Saxon Non-chronological report


Week 5


Spanish directions




RE - Comparing Ancient religions to Christianity


Maths - converting measures

Gymnastic Display to Coppice Class

English - Writing stories based on Beowulf


DT - creating our Anglo-Saxons clay shield tiles


Pakes and Woburn place value and maths games


Week 4 in Class!

By Aiden and Mark

Woburn Class did:

. Started our Christmas cards;

. Did one arithmetic test and two reasoning tests;

. Continued our Anglo – Saxon tile designs;

. Gymnastics: vaulting;

. Intra-house Benchball;

. Year 6 knife crime talk with Essex and Brentwood Police;

. We continued our stories based on Beowulf; and

. School photographs


We just did the wash for the backgrounds of the cards and left them to dry. As well as the tests, we were taught about negative numbers. We finished off our Anglo-Saxon designs and are now ready to make them with clay. We were planning to do Tag Rugby, but it got cancelled because of the bad weather. Instead, we did Intra-house Benchball, which was equally as fun! The year 6 children got a talk about knife crime with Essex and Brentwood police, which was very interesting. On Thursday, everybody was looking very smart for our school photographs. Also, we took advantage of the bad weather by watching the film Hercules, playing games, drawing, and much, much more


Science - learning about the theory of evolution


Intra Benchball Woburn and Coppice Class

Visit from the police to talk to year 6 about knife crime 


Maths - negative numbers game


Gymnastics and Vaulting 


Woburn Weekly

Week Two in Woburn Class

Monday 16th – Friday 20th September 2019

By Tilly and Ava


On Monday, Ava and I just found out that we are going to be reporters, so here is our report!!! We also had our School council election where we got to vote for who we wanted to be our school councillors. Those that had made posters had to do a speech then everyone on the class had to vote for their choice. Miss Lane tried to make it like a real voting station and had polling booths and we had to tell her our name so she could tick us off before collecting ballot paper and making our vote. It was really fun. Arthur and Aiden won the vote and are our councillors for this year.


Next, we would like to talk about Maths. We learnt how to round from decimal points. One of our learning objectives was: How does a mathematician round decimal numbers? Also, we learnt a song that teaches us how to round decimals and it went a bit like this:

(Sung to the tune of We Will Rock You!)

Find the place,

Look next door,

Five or more you raise the score,

Four or less you let it rest,

Look to the right put the zeros in sight.

We will, we will round you!


Now moving on to English. We have been are learning about a story called Beowulf. We are writing a story similar to Beowulf, but our own version. Ava and I are writing our story in the same time period as Beowulf: the Anglo-Saxons, but some people in our class chose to change the time period to modern day or another point in history.


In Science, we have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance. This week we have learnt about habitats and environments and how animals and plants have adapted to their surroundings. How does a scientist demonstrate the scientific meaning of adaption?


Next we’re talking about Art and DT. Because our topic is Anglo-Saxons, we designed our own Anglo-Saxon shield. We had to draw an Anglo-Saxon shield and colour it in with the colours that they used on their shields.


Next is Spanish. We have been learning about shops in the town and parts of a house. It was tricky to remember all of this but in the end we learnt them all.


We also found out that we will be following Scotland as a class for the rugby World cup – let’s hope they win!


Thank you for reading!!


Week 2 - Gymnastics Landings 


Maths, English, PSHE, Science and Spanish (1)

DT - Designing Viking Shields


Monday 16th September 2019

By Thomas, Lottie and Harry-Brendan.

Last week, we read the story Beowulf and have started to create our own versions of the story. We also played some maths games with our partners whilst learning about place value and rounding. On Tuesday morning all our parents came in and they looked at our class and got to know how things work in Woburn as well as see our new teacher. In the afternoons, we began to read our class book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). In Science, we learnt about inheritance and created our own Mr Men and Little Miss children with 50% of their DNA coming from each parent. In Spanish, we have begun to learn about the different rooms in the house. On Friday, Lottie and Thomas helped Mr Stock (Thomas’s Dad) with tag rugby to kick start the Rugby World Cup! Thomas and Lottie have also helped Piercing class with tag rugby for their tournament on Friday 20th September.


Aiden's School Council Poem


Parents Meeting


Hollie's Street Dance Workshop


Gymnastics - jumping on a springboard


English, Maths, Science and PSHE lessons