Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

01992 813083

Baldocks Class 2019-2020

Year 1/2

Mrs Creasey and Miss Spence


 Science Experiment Water Pollution


Forest School Phonics treasure hunt


Phonics and Maths


Phonics Treasure Hunt


Forest School


2D Shape Hunt


Week 2


Summer Term Week 1



World Book Day and Reading with Year 5/6


English- Meerkats




Gymnastics with the sports leaders

Baldocks Firework Poem

 Bad Guy Fawkes everywhere

Red fireworks bang

Fast stars zoom

Hot bonfires crackle

Blue yoyo goes up and down

Bright rockets bang


Red gunpowder in a bottle

Light fireworks bang

Hot bonfire pops

Bright fireworks sparkle

Mean Guy Fawkes blows up

Colourful fireworks bang


White gunpowder dangerous

Colourful fireworks pop and fizz

Violet rockets zoom

Flickering fireworks bang

Clever computers go click click

Blue light sabres shine


Red gunpowder explodes

Bright rocket bangs

Blue glow sticks boom

Swirling fireworks bang

Blue sparkly fireworks bang

Light glow sticks light up


Glittery fireworks zoom

Colourful fireworks zoom and boom

Golden stars shine

Quick rockets flaming

Gold stars glow

Big bonfire fires


Dance Taster Session


Class Yoga


Tag Rugby taster day


In Computing we have been learning how to program the Beebots with an algorithm.

Bear Hunt Map

Fantastic painting, cutting and sticking from everyone in Baldocks Class.