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Years 1 & 2 Toy Workshop


On Friday 15th November years 1 and 2 were visited by History Off the Page. In the morning they had the opportunity to play with a wide range of toys from the past. Children talked about the different materials that the toys were made from and who they thought played with them.

A challenge was given to try and decide which toy was the oldest.

No-one correctly guessed this Bartholomew Doll from the Elizabethan period was the oldest toy!

The Elizabethan period was 500 year ago so the toy is very old. The dolls were sold at a fair on St Bartholomew’s day and were very popular.

What material do you think the doll is made from?

We played with metal toys and with wooden toys.

Some of them were very old and had been played with by lots of children

Poppy – I liked looking at the toys. The wooden toys had a snake and the tail wiggled when you pulled it.

Joseph – I liked looking at the metal toys. I liked the engine with the wobbly cab because I could see inside it.

Isabella – I enjoyed being a curator because you got to dig things up with a brush.

Jake – Being a curator was really fun.

Bobby – I learned lots of new things. I found out that Goofy was made from plastic which means he was made after the 1960’s.

Henry – I like looking at the toys and finding out what they played with in the olden days. My favourite toy was the doll with the china head and purple bow.

Ryleigh – I liked being a curator. I found a hot wheels car which was made out of metal.

Saul – I liked being a curator because I found a rolling toy that I’ve played with before.

Ruby – I liked the reversible dolls.

Heidi – I like the boy baby made out of china because he was cute.

Paige - I like being a curator because I found different toys.

Anais – I liked looking at the pictures by Bruegel. They were painted around 500 years ago and it was interesting to see what life was like then. We played some of the games they did like the hoop and stick.

Billy – I liked being a curator because I didn’t know what I would find.