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Woburn Class 2019-2020

Year 5/6

Miss Lane


Practising our compass skills drawing flowers


Long Jump for the Colin Hooker Challenge


Sprinting for the Colin Hooker Challenge

DT Anderson Shelters


Drawing leaves in the sun and learning a text by heart with actions


Creating and writing information pages about monsters

Tilly - Graphic Novel

Ellenie - Graphic Novel

Scarlett - Graphic Novel

Austin - Graphic Novel


Lockdown week 1 Woburn - yoga whilst finishing their poetry  - thumbs up for a great week

World Book Day

Monologues written and performed by the children

World Book Day


Week 1 - Henry and Austin 



Pancake Races on Shrove Tuesday




Making Pancakes



Week 6 Charlie and Matthew - Revision


Week 5 Ollie and Charlie


English Newspaper Reports


English with Pakes


Gunpowder Mills World War II Trip







Monday 27th January 2020



In Maths, we did some algebra problem solving questions. Finding the unknown letter using bar models and lots of working out such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Assessed writing

In Assessed Writing, we wrote out our newspaper report about evacuation from the city in World War two. We also edited our work and made sure it was to the best standard we could present.

R.E Assembly

In R.E Assembly, we learnt about the meaning of life, non-Existence of Gods, Reason and Ethical Decisions. We also found out the definition of Atheist and that most Humanist thinkers were Atheist but not all.


In Topic, we finished of our letter to our family as if we were in World War two being Evacuated.


In Revision, we did our practise tests for SATs for the year 6s and end of year tests for the year 5s. 


Tuesday 29th January 2020



First of all, we started off with fluency and finding 10% of a number and 1%. Next we continued with yesterday’s maths (bar models involving algebra).


We are learning about WWII and we started rationing, we did a comprehension on what foods were rationed and a man who helped and encouraged people his name was Lord Woolton.


We did tobata and exercises to help our muscles and keep fit. We had to do eight exercises for 30 seconds each.


In English we did a cold write about a scary story.


Wednesday 29th January 2020


Before maths we did some fluency on finding 1% of a number. Then we did some algebra.


In English we used coordinating conjunctions and wrote sentences using them.


In revision, we did factors and multiples and then prime numbers. A prime number is a number where it can only be divided by one and itself., a factor is 2 numbers that multiply to get a multiple. A multiple is a number in a times table for example multiples of 10 are 10 20 30 40 etc…


In Science, we learnt about light and how it works. Also, we did a little experiment with light.


Thursday 30th January 2020


In Maths, we did some algebra equations and finding the value of two letters.


In, English, we learnt some of our story and then we wrote some sentences using subordinating conjunctions.


In, art/DT we have been building Anderson shelters out of scrapped materials: card, card board, tissue paper, sticks, paint and more materials. We also finished them of as much as we could. Lottie said, “It was fun experimenting with new materials!”


Friday 31st January 2020   

Year 2

In the morning, we all went down to the hall and helped Pakes class with their English (expanded noun phrases) and then they helped us with our work. We also read with them.


In maths, we learnt some mathematical language used to describe 2D shapes E.G Polygon means that all the sides are straight and connected. We played a game like guess who where you have to guess your partners shape by asking yes and no questions.


In English we planned our newspaper report on a fairy tale for assessed writing and our second version.


We did our spellings on Friday as usual and the type of words were ei and ey: vein, prey, they, alley and some more.


In P.E at the moment we are playing netball and we started off with a simple game and each week we are adding a new position into the game and soon we will play with all seven players in a match.


Our assembly was a star of the week assembly and Woburn’s star of the weeks were Raffelle Ash and Harry Brendon-Levine.


By Lottie Stephenson and Raffelle Ash.


Ahren and Luke G week 3

Woburn Weekly

6th January – 10th January 2020

We took pictures about the early morning work. After that in Maths we did a slide about fractions and took a couple pictures. Then it was break and after that we did some English about punctuation. During English we did mentor sentences and analysing a sentence. Next we did a reading comprehension called A Sweet Escape and tried to identify the parts of the texts. Then we had lunch. After that we had Topic and we did a storyline about the main events in WW2.We then had assembly and after that we went home.

7th January 2020

First we did some early morning work and described a picture then we did maths on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Next we did a reading comprehension called Insects on summer staycation. Then we did PE after lunch then we had an assembly. We finished off the day with a secret student and they were successful then it was home time.

8th January 2020

We started the day by doing early morning work then we did maths about dividing decimal numbers in the bus stop method after maths. we did English structuring a newspaper report and finding the 5 w’s (who, were, when, why, and what). In the afternoon we did Science about how light travels and how we see it. We also did a paragraph about demonstrating how light works. We than had a singing assembly and learnt a new song and that was the end of the day.

9th January 2020

We started up the day by doing early morning work then we did maths and in maths we did dividing decimal numbers and did a maths challenge. In English we did finding punctuation and writing what it is used for and it was about a newspaper report called SHELL-SHOCK then we did a mentor sentence and changed it up a bit. In the afternoon we did a research about WW2 Anderson Shelters and wrote what they were used and what they were made out of. To finish off the day we had a singing assembly.

10th January 2020

To start the day, we did early morning work and had some maths sums to do and then make our own sentence by using a certain sentence structure. In maths we did short division and made a fraction into a decimal number and divide it by the denominator. In English we did indirect speech v’s direct speech and had to write one sentence for direct speech and one for indirect speech. In the afternoon we did a reading comprehension about Bulu Mata an orang-utan and the comprehension is called The orang-utan nursery. At the end of the day we had a celebration assembly and some people had lots of medals and trophies to bring in.


By Charlie and Austin


Maths and History




December and January


Curling, bean bag throw and Bowling


Sportshall Athletics with Mrs Hayes


Before Christmas and week 1 spring



Week 11


This week was assessment week. We all tried our hardest to show what we have learnt so far this year.


RE: The Parable of the Lost Coin

The old lady had 10 silver coins in a jar every day she took them out and looked at them. But one day 1 went missing! She looked everywhere she looked in the ashes the pots and pans under the doors and lastly she looked in her pockets. She thought it was hopeless and she went and sat down. She saw a reflection of the light under the table so she looked under and saw it was her coin! She swore she looked there but she didn’t care she told her neighbours to come round for a party to celebrate her finding her coin.




PE: Sports Hall Athletics

 In Sports Hall Athletics there are different activities to do in a hall like Chest Push, Hop Step Jump, Sprinting, Standing long Jump, High Stepper, Speed Bounce and Vertical Jump.


By Zach and Matthew


Week 12


Week 11

Harry S and Charlie AD










Harry Potter Art and Research


Week 10

Woburn Weekly – Week 10


On Monday we did early morning work first and we had revision about factor bugs and prime numbers. After that, we started to do reading comprehension about Harry Potter. Then we had break. Then, we started maths and we did mild hot and extra hot challenges. After maths, we did a fluency test with thirty six questions in. Then we had lunch. In the afternoon, we did some art based on Harry Potter.


We started to do early morning work and then we did reading comprehension and finally before break we finished our English stories. Then we had break. After that, we started to do our maths. Finally, we had lunch. After lunch, we did Indoor PE: Sportshall athletics. Then we learnt about map reading in Geography.


We started doing early morning work and after that we did reading comprehension and finally before break we finished our proof reading in English. After break, we had maths and then after our maths we went to the year 5/6 RE assembly then we had lunch.


On Thursday, when we got into school we started are early morning work we done are usual factor bugs etc. After early morning work, we started to do reading comprehension then we did English and then it was break. After break we did maths and after maths it was lunch. After we did science and then we did a music thing where we listened to different music from Harry Potter and drew what you though it sounded like.


On Friday it was really fun it was non-uniform day because it was children in need and first we did early morning work and then Mr Rall came into our class to do reading comprehension Miss Lane needed to go to the minibus to drop some people off to tag rugby. Mr Rall did a children In need reading comprehension session. 1 hour later, Miss Lane came back and we watched a short session of Harry Potter sorting hat scene and then it was break. After break we did fun maths about children in need and we needed to do code breaking. After that, it was lunch. After lunch, we did Joe Wicks workout for children in need then we done mile then it was assembly and 30 minutes after assembly it was home time.

Written by Maksim and Ollie V




Pudsey's Visit

 Poppy Sale, School Council Meeting and Christmas Card Designs

Our New School Bus


Mental Health Day




English and Reading


DT - completed Anglo-Saxon Clay tiles


Children in Need - Non Uniform Day


4th – 8th November 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

We had odd-sock day including an anti-bullying production: Fire-horse productions called Just Joshing. We learnt how people can feel on the inside but not show it on the outside and we also learnt not to bully and to treat others how you would like to be treated. The production stared two actresses and one actor. We also read the book Harry Potter as we were going on a trip to the Warner Brother studios tour.

Tuesday 5th November 2019

The year 5 and 6 year group went on a trip to The Making of Harry Potter! We were put into groups and then we got on to the coach with our partners. We had two coaches one with the year 5s then another with the year 6s. 1 hour later, we had arrived at the Warner Brother studios; we were all very excited. When we got into the building we had our bags checked through security before we went into the main entrance, hanging over us was the grand dragon that protects Gringgots bank run by goblins. We saw the Great Hall ,the props room also including the Boys dormitory, Hadgrids Hut and The potions classroom .We also discovered platform 9 ¾, the Dursley’s home ,Diagon Alley and many more interesting things about Harry Potter. Later on, our school held a fireworks night and raised over £4000. 

Wednesday 6th November 2019

In maths we learnt how to find the factors of certain numbers. We also wrote about our trip to The Warner Brother Studios and we read some more Harry Potter. In the afternoon, Lottie, Austin and Tilly did PE with Baldocks class. They were sports leaders and helped teach fitness: skipping, hula hooping, running, star jumps and throwing.

Thursday 7th November 2019

We planned our explanation texts based on our trip to Harry Potter and learnt more about factors and number properties in maths. In the afternoon, we had Mrs Beard and Miss Ward. We made our poppies for the reefs. Then some of the class went to do drama with Mrs Hutchings based on scenes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We also did PSHE and thought about our personalities.

Friday 8th November 2019

In maths we did some factor bugs and found the common factors between two numbers and identified the highest common factor. We practised our editing skills in English by finding and correctly the errors Miss Lane had made in an introduction about the Forbidden forest. In PE, we did tag rugby. We played cat and mouse and did some passing skills. Afterwards, we had the star of the week assembly and Taylon and Arthur got star of the week.

          By Lottie and Vacilli




Harry Potter



Early Morning Work


School Council


Odd Sock Day

Week 8



Woburn Class - Gymnastics

More From West Stow



PE - Gymnastics