Theydon Bois Primary School

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Woburn Class

Year 5/6

Miss Lane

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Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits


Open Evening 2017



Food and Farming Day at Writtle College


Davenant Sports leaders afternoon

Year 5 & 6 have been learning about the Mool Mantra.

The first words of the Mool Mantra are ‘Ik Onkar’: .


These words are often found in homes and gurdwaras decorating the walls or in the form of an ornament.


  • Ik There is only one God
  • Onkar God is in everything


D.T. creating bunting for the schools 60th anniversary


D.T. Sock rabbits 

Kandinsky inspired art.

We had to include the following in your masterpiece:

  • A regular: quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon and nonagon.
  • equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles
  • 3 irregular polygons
  • A translated shape
  • A row of congruent shapes
  • Parallel lines
  • Perpendicular lines
  • A shape that has been scaled using a scale factor of 2
  • A shape that has been scaled using a scale factor of 1/3
  • A set of concentric circles
  • A shape with at least 2 lines of symmetry
  • A shape that has been reflected
  • A circle with a diameter of 8cm.
  • A semicircle


P.E. - Gymnastics Balance


P.E. Athletics - Learning to thrown the Soft Javelin


Maths - exploring some work by Kandinsky using a range of mathematical vocabulary relating to shape.


Red Nose Day


Investigating Reaction Speed


The Shadow Poem


The Rainbow Poem


Daffodils Poem

Expanded noun phrases in SPAG


Mirrored and matched balances using a range of equipment




Gymnastics - working on their balances  including counter balance and tension using apparatus




Gymnastics - counter balance and counter tension balances


World Book Day


DT Paper Mache Mayan Masks


Sports Hall Athletics


Football Skills


Pancake Races

Woburn class working on thier gymnastic balances

DT Sewing


Art - drawing hands using shape, contour and shading

GOSH Bad Hair Day


In Computing we have been learning how to code using Kodu game lab. We had to program the characters, make our own land using the paint brush, and make different heights using the mountain tool some even managed to make different levels and link the levels. 

Spotting patterns in maths and finding the nth term


Christmas Jumper


Google Expedition


Year 5/6 Intra Bench Ball



WW1 Trench Dioramas and the circuits built on the backs. 


Dance Assembly



Use your bug club username and password to access


Science - making circuits from circuit diagrams




Harlow Outdoor Pursuits Centre


Tag Rugby with Mr Stock