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Woburn Class

Year 5/6

Miss Lane


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Open Evening

Girls Football


Animal Documentaries 


Drama/Design and Technology - Animal Masks

In drama we had to research an animal looking at how it would behave in its natural habitat. We then created a David Attenborough inspired short documentary on our animal. As part of this we created animal masks to wear when we were acting.


Viking Shields

Design and Technology - Viking shields.

As part of our topic on the Vikings we designed and made our own clay tiles.

This was a slow process that took a few weeks to complete as we had to wait for the clay to dry and then be fired in the kiln.


DT Up-cycling project


Christmas Party 

Christmas Jumper Day


Poetry Assembly

My School Week by Katy Lechley


Music Drum Rhythm



Describing the properties of each shape

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How many days in each month




Kung Fu Punctuation



Kung Fu Punctuation




Kung Fu Punctuation



PSCHE New Situation Game



R.E Buddhist Lotus Flowers






Year 5/6 Dance Assembly






Harlow Outdoor Pursuits Centre

At Harlow outdoor pursuits centre it was really good, especially the low ropes. The low ropes were especially good because it was exciting and it was based around teamwork. My favourite bit on the low ropes station was where there were vertical wooden poles and you had to put metal poles in the holes to make your way across. It was very challenging but we still did well. Next there was problem solving where we had to get a duck out of a buckets without dropping him in the ‘imaginary’ lava. We also did canoeing. It was fun but I had to swap boats as one team were struggling. The instructor threw some plastic balls into the river and we had to throw the balls at the other boats. It was called battleship. We then got changed and went home. Overall I would recommend it to my friends that haven’t been and I would rate the day 9.5 out of 10.                                                                                                                                




Science Experiment

Our first science lesson was extremely fun. The lesson was to investigate which material was best for absorbing water. The best material turned out to be the kitchen towel although the tissue wasn’t far behind. We needed to make sure the experiment was fair so had to work well in our teams to ensure we kept all the other variables the same. We measure how much water a strip of material soaked up in a minute by dipping it into some water. It was really fun.



In Science we did an experiment to test materials for absorbency. It turned out the best one to use was kitchen roll and the worst material was newspaper. The science lesson was fun.





Since starting the Autumn term Woburn class has had a variety of fun P.E. lessons including practising a range of jumps and walks in gymnastics. We have also started learning some different dances such as the waltz, Tudor dance and hip hop dance to ‘uptown funk’. We also had a great session on street cheer.