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Swimming Gala


Forest Swimming Gala

The atmosphere was electric as we started to warm up people were bustling in and out to their lanes as people rushed to get started. After we completed a few laps we got out and the nerves started to build, some people started to look at the lists to see what races they would be doing! Olivia started with 25 meters breaststroke and the list went on until it was my race. As I walked nervously up to the start my stomach fell into tight knots. I was extremely anxious as I didn’t want to get disqualified, suddenly it was time. I slid in and grabbed the bars tightly my  brain could only think of the word ‘swim’ and then the word I wanted to hear ‘take your marks’ and he hit the clappers together I was off. Swimming quickly until I touched the end I was relived!

Max also came and here’s what he thought about the Gala ‘I was really excited about going to the Gala and I wish I could have done more races’. Ryan said ‘I felt excited, willing to win and proud that my family was there to watch me’.

We all really enjoyed the Gala and, even though we didn’t get into the top five we all did really well!

By Imogen