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Jeanette Kwakye visits

Lee Valley Olympics

By  Jorgia & Bill

Our Arrival:

When we arrived at Lee Valley Athletics Centre we went outside and watched the Olympic athletes train. After a while we were called in to meet Jeanette Kwakye, a sprinter, and she told us about the day ahead.

Long jump:

One of Jeanette’s helpers called Kristine, demonstrated how to do long jump. We learnt step by step.

The first step was to show Kristine how far we could jump. The second step was to land on two feet. Finally the third step was to push your legs forward and swing your arms. At the end we had a competition of who could jump the furthest.


Jeanette’s other helper was called James. James showed us a demonstration of a javelin throw with a turbo javelin (learner’s javelin). He showed us in steps and we had a go.

The first step was how to hold the javelin correctly. We had to hold it above our heads and as far back as we can. The second step was how to aim the javelin. We had to point our finger where we wanted the javelin to go.

The third step was to try your best to get the javelin as far as you can.


Jeanette was our sprint teacher and showed how to start and sprint correctly. At first we did a little warm up so we didn’t injure ourselves.

Next Jeanette showed us how to start a good sprint correctly: First we had to make an L shape with our feet then take our left foot and put it behind our right foot. Finally we slide our right foot back and go into the start position. For a treat we had a little relay race -girls   vs. boys and Jeanette was on the girls team to make it fair.

The Presentation:

We went inside for a snack (crisps, chocolate, juice, and fruit.) They announced the most competitive boy and competitive girl and gave them a BMW, P.E bag. All of the children were awarded a goodie bag which had an Olympic pen, Olympic badge, Olympic key ring and a BMW cap inside which Jeanette signed.

We had great fun and were really glad we were picked for this opportunity.

Jeanette Kwakye visits our school