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Evacuee Sleepover


The Autumn term topic at the school was “The Blitz” and a school sleepover was organised. We thought this would be a good way for the children to experience leaving home as they did during World War II and enabled them to produce detailed accounts to how they felt and how the children in the 1940s may have experienced being evacuated.

The Sleepover 2013

The sleep over 2011

 On Friday 14th October at 6:30pm we met at Theydon Bois station. We got into pairs with all our clothes and bedding before walking back to the school.

 When we arrived we went into the big hall before taking our belongings to our classrooms.  As soon as we had done this we met in the hall for some old fashioned games such as musical statues and musical chairs, as well as a competition to see who could keep the feather in the air the longest.

 After that we had supper which was pumpkin soup, carrot cookies and cakes.  The pumpkin was one we had grown ourselves in the garden.  We then had a choice of going to watch a movie or play board games. 

 About 9.30pm we began to get ready for bed, washing and putting our pyjamas on and taking our sleeping bags to the hall and finding a space to settle down.  Once in bed we watched Carrie’s war.  We think the teachers had hoped it would help us to go to sleep.  For some this was true, yet there were still some who were awake in the early hours of the morning. 

 We were woken up with the air raid siren. Then we folded up are mats and beds and got ready for breakfast.  This was cornflakes, bread and jam, fruit and any left over cakes from supper.  When we had finished we went out for PE, marching and some games.

 It was soon time to go home and as we collected our bags and beds we were given our ration of sweets for the weekend.  Parents were waiting at the school gates to greet us.  It was a great time and we would love to do it again.

 Sean  and Lily