Theydon Bois Primary School

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Purlieu Class 2018-2019

Year 5

Mrs Daines

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Tour de Theydon


Purlieu experienced the fun of the Essex Food and Farming Day on Wednesday 5th June.   As part of an exciting week we experienced: seeing large farm vehicles in action, answering questions about our local environment, watching a calf feed from its mother, learn about how sheep are sheared.  We saw many other amazing things – just look at the pictures to see.    We made a scarecrow, which was entered into a competition, to reflect our topic of WWI.  We did not win but it was a great experience. 


Snail Racing


On Thursday 6th June, 2019 Purlieu class and their pen pals met using the power of Skype.  They had been writing back and forth to each other over the past year, exchanging Christmas and Easter greetings but the highlight was actually seeing each other live.

Our friends asked questions that they had learnt in their English lessons and we did our best to reply in words that they would understand.  It was a marvellous opportunity that technology has enabled us to experience.

Our friends are now on holiday from the 8th June to September!  We are very jealous.


Meeting Cornflake the Corn Snake


Barefoot outdoor picnic


Purlieu Class learning to High Jump


Purlieu found a reason for writing!

Purlieu has been learning how to write a good persuasive letter.  We wrote to Mr Rall to tell him about a duty that we did not want to do next year, when we are in year 6.    He replied to us saying that he would discuss the matter in assembly and said he would discuss a way forward with us.  Imagine our surprise when, last week, he mentioned our letter in assembly and it looks like he has found a solution to our problem. 

Thank you Mr Rall, and well done to us - for writing such a good letter. 

Observational drawings in Science

We have been observing the world around us and learning how to draw what we see in a scientific way.

Life cycles of flowers, insects and mammals have been studied.


World Book Day

Mrs Gill Newlyn came into school on Monday 11th February to show Purlieu how to play sitting volleyball.
We had a really exciting time and found that it was far more difficult than we thought it would be.
We would love to play again.


Dr Davies Visit


Guitar Recital

Purlieu Class - GuitarĀ Recital


Epping Forest Field Centre

Epping Forest School Trip

Yesterday, on the 4th of December 2018, all the Year 5 and 6 classes went Epping Forest Field Centre in High Beech for a school trip. Some of the children traveled in the mini-bus and some were bought by their parents.  When we arrived all of the class went to separate rooms.

During the day we had three activities.  The first one was when we went out into the forest and learnt about what the ground is made from and how this affects how the water runs off the land.  We got to feel soil from the top of the hill and from lower down, which is clay.  We also saw the source of Loughton Brook, which was just a little trickle.   

After lunch, we went back into the forest and explored Loughton Brook further; downstream and upstream. At each location we measured the width and depth, the water speed and we analysed the shape and size of the pebbles we found on the bed of the brook.

It was an awesome day because we got to explore Loughton Brook in our wellingtons and learn more about how to do geography field work.

By Riley and Daisy 


Harlow Outdoor Pursuits Centre