Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

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Forest Class 2018-2019


Mrs Scrutton and Mrs Alderson

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Tour de Theydon


Setting our butterflies free

Forest Class - Setting out butterflies free


Other bits and bobs


Science Day


Learning together


Learning to type using the keyboard!


Football skills! Dribbling and passing!


Researching about healthy living!


Amazing day at Stansted Aerozone


We have been busy learning in and out of the classroom


Planting Seeds


Throwing with precision in PE!


Back and Busy


Listening and responding to music through art. The Planet Suite by Gustav Holst


Having Fun and Working Hard


So much going on in Forest Class

Conceptual subitising - finding groups within a total!


World Book Day


Shrove Tuesday


Bits and Bobs


We're back and we're busy!


Ball Skills


Exploring weight and capacity


Our trip to the Post Office!


Maths games in our Computer Suite!



We have been exploring the link between drawing and dance - Week 1!

Forest Class - We have been exploring the link between drawing and dance - Week 1!

Using bead strings to help with subtraction!


Learning to throw with precision and control


Another busy week in Forest Class!


Finding ways to record addition!


It's been a busy January


We can order numbers and know one more and one less!


Using our bodies to balance equipment and moving!


People that help us


Colour mixing in the Computer Suite!


Lots going on in Forest Class


Bits and Bobs


Travelling and moving in different ways!


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!


Busy, busy, busy


Finding different ways to make 5


Lots going on in Forest class this week

Dance Assembly This is Me

Making firework pictures in the Computer Suite!


We can make repeating patterns

Our bird feeders are all around our school


Making firework music with instruments!


Making bird feeders

Looking at and writing about our bags of autumn treasure!

Finding repeating patterns in the computer suite

Big Me

Forest Class - Big Me


We can make repeating patterns

Chalk, role play and other lovely moments


Tasting Fruit


Fitness in Forest Class


Finding 2D Shapes


Another Busy Week


Our first days at school