Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

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Coppice Class 2018-2019

Year 5/6

Miss Barwell

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Science Day


Ancient Greek Workshop


Tour de Theydon


Year 6 Handball


NRich maths mastery workshop



Coppice and Woburn Year 5 Science investigation about dissolving sugar in water at varying temperatures with Mrs Matthews


Cyber Safety with Year 6


Shape work in Coppice


Maths Games with Year 5 and 6


Coppice Class learning to High Jump



Art - Lily sketches


Yoga Kats


Pancake Races

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Maya Archaeology Day


Human pie chart - Maths


BIDMAS - Order of Operations


Coppice and Woburn end of term party


Science - Insulating Investigation


Epping Forest Field Centre


Science - Electricity

Harlow Outdoor Pursuit Centre was amazing!

We completed three activities: rock-climbing, low ropes and kayaking.  In rock-climbing, we were split into two groups and two people climbed up at a time. The aim was to at least get to the first ledge. After that, we lent back and walked down the wall. Also, we went in the bouncy room during this session; that was a lot of fun! On the low ropes, we completed a number of short activities which included a lot of teamwork. We learnt that it’s much more fun when you are working together and teamwork is always the better option. During this, we had to get short poles across to the other side and if we dropped the pole, we couldn’t pick them back up. These were used to complete one of the last activities on the low ropes which went surprisingly well. Last but definitely not least, we did a really fun session of kayaking. This was super-fun as we got to go in the water (it was freezing!) and also because we got to play a game during it -some of us fell in!  As well as that, we learnt how to control our boat using the oars that we were given.

Harlow pursuit centre was so much fun and hopefully we will go again soon.