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Class 3/4W



Roman Day



Open Evening Displays


We made a game of dominoes, using fraction sums.

Our Visit to St Mary Church


Science Instruments

In Science we have been making musical instruments using materials brought in from home. 

World Book Day
World Book Day



Greek Vases and Masks

Greek Workshop

We have been looking at Pandora's box this week. In groups we wrote questions to ask Pandora about her character.


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Science Vibrations and Sounds


Sound Experiment


Maths Display

We learnt about the stone age and tools they used were hand axes, Reindeer antlers, polished tools and arrows heads. It was fun because we got to learn about a little bit more about the stone age.


I really enjoyed it because we got to touch prehistory things. I learned that things would have been very different.


Poetry Assembly



Egg Experiment

We put an egg in four different liquids, coke, vinegar, milk and water. The one in water didn't change, the milk one went a little white but wiped straight off.

The coke one was sticky and the shell change to brown and the vinegar one had changed colour the the shell had dissolved.




We built our version of the Stonehenge with biscuits. We enjoyed the activity as a table because we learnt about it from the building. Isabelle.

It was fun but it was hard to put them on top because it sometimes got knocked over. Sophie.

We built Stonehenge in a group out of biscuits, we found it hard to stand them up and when we went to put them up, because we knocked them over. Henry.

You needed lots of patients to build it but it was really fun. Noah.

We built our Stonehenge out of biscuits and it was hard because if one fell over, all of them fell over. Kate.


Science Food Web


Caveman Art Work



Mosque Pictures & Patterns



Stone Age Display

Dance Assembly October 2014



DT - How to make a healthy sandwich


Class Display October 2014

Science - The Digestive System

No Pens Day

The children enjoyed no pens day, finding different ways to learn without using a pen. Some found this much easier, where as others found it much harder.