Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

01992 813083

Buxton Class 2018-2019

Year 3

Miss Capocci

Parents/Carers: You are allowed to print copies of these photographs. However, it is not permissible for you to upload the photographs in any way to any social networking site.


Open Evening


Crooked Multiplication


Tour de Theydon


Summer Concert Rehearsal


Halving in Maths


Mad Science

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Summer Concert Songs


Maths Long Division




Attendance Winners


PSHE Strategies to cope with different feelings


Create Club


Mad Science Day


Maths Dividing 


Maths Crooked Multiplication Game




Our finished Roman Shields


Roman Day


High Jump


DT our  Roman Shields


Meeting Cornflake the Corn Snake


Athletics at Debden


DT Roman Shields


Spanish Bingo


Science Invertebrates


History Romans


Maths Shapes


Science Living Things Plants


Maths - Fractions


English comprehension




Decorated Easter Eggs


Pancake Races




World Book Day


D.T. Instruments


Reading Little Miss Books


Geography Researching Animal Environments


Sitting Volleyball


Sitting Volleyball






Finding the Perimeter of lines and shapes


Science Pitch




Science Investigating Volume

Perpendicular and Parallel Lines


DT musical instruments


Bubble Multiples


Science Sounds


English - Nonfiction


Christmas Cards

Science Experiment Results


Christmas Lunch


Stonehenge Pictures


Science experiment tooth decay


Football Skills


Silhouettes of Stonehenge

Christmas Tree Decorations


Maths - Banker's Game


Dance - Waterloo by Abba




DT - Making Christmas decorations


Spanish Bingo


Pudsey Visit


Maths - Subtraction using regrouping


Making our own Stonehenge using biscuits


Reciting  Poetry


Big Me


Maths adding - bridging through 10


Using Thesauruses to Find Synonyms


Making Our Sandwiches


DT Sandwiches





Regrouping Numbers



Partitioning numbers

Representing 2 digit numbers using denes