Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

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Baldocks Class 2018-2019

Year 1/2

Mrs Creasey & Miss Spence

Parents/Carers: You are allowed to print copies of these photographs. However, it is not permissible for you to upload the photographs in any way to any social networking site.

Maths Capacity


Baldocks Band


Bug Man

PSHE - Managing emotion around change.

If I lost my.....


We played 3 Tees Cricket. We learnt how to strike the ball and score runs. We tried to get extra time by hitting the balls in different directions.

 We had to work together as a team to try and win our matches.

 We had a great time.


We had a very successful egg to fledge this year, with 9 chicks fledgling yesterday 16th May.


Something Fishy


Trim Trail



photos taken by Eva and Indie-Mae


Easter Bonnets


Pakes and Baldocks Florence Nightingale drama Scutari Barracks Hospital


World Book Day


Baldocks class have been finding out about climate change and other environmental issues this term.

We are very concerned about what is happening.


In art we have looked at the work of Monet, Van-Gogh and Metzinger. All these artists used colour and brushstrokes to create fantastic images. We really enjoyed looking at their work and had lots of discussions about how they painted the images. We worked hard experimenting with finger painting, cotton wool buds and paintbrushes to create different textures in our paintings.


We followed instructions to make paper aeroplanes.


We loved flying our planes outside and pretending they were like Amelia Earhart’s plane ‘The Canary’.


We played a game in maths to help us with finding the difference. We chose a card each and talked about which number was the greatest and how we knew. We then worked out the difference between them.

In PE we have practised different rolls including egg roll, pencil roll and teddy bear roll.

We have worked with a partner to create different balances.

All photographs taken by Allegra.


Dance Assembly


In Computing we have been use different technology to take pictures of ourselves and others.





We were inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock to create our own drip paintings. We used droppers and glue sticks to create different effects.


Big Me

Computing - Programming the Beebots around the mats using Algorithms

Super independent work in Baldocks class on the conservation of number. We really enjoyed using dominoes to increase our understanding of number patterns.


In maths we have been learning how to use position words.