Theydon Bois Primary School

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Baldocks Class

Year 1/2

Mrs Creasey and Miss Spence

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Open Evening 2017

The year 6 have made maths game for us to play, and they showed us how to play them.


We have been sketching. There was so much concentration even though it was hot outside. Lovely work from everyone.


Infant Music Festival


We had fun teaching children in Forest and Orchard classes our favourite song in Spanish.

We have been learning about what life was like when our parents and grandparents were young. We played games that they may have played such as ‘In and out the Dusty Bluebells’ and ‘Hopscotch’.


Paradise Park



In RE we have been looking at the religion ISLAM. In today’s RE session we looked at the five pillars of Islam and focused on the pillar ‘Prayer’.


We looked at poems by Spike Milligan. Children had the chance to rehearse and perform the poems. We looked at two poems ‘The Land of the Bumbly Boo’ and ‘The Ning Nang Nong’.



We looked at Andy Goldsworthy’s natural art pieces. They had the opportunity to go outside and in groups collect natural objects such as leaves, twigs and pebbles. They then worked together in their groups and created a similar piece to Andy Goldsworthy’s.


Finding out the time



We watched an animated story called the ‘Dream Giver’ and wrote the start of a story. We have included description in our writing. Please read our excerpts.

Once upon a time there was a kind lady called Sophie who gave everyone dreams. So today she went to an orphanage in London. As she got to the house she thought how am I going to get in?

By Florence P

Then a fairy jumped down the chimney. He flew upstairs. And he had a bag of golden eggs. He cracked one of the golden eggs and inside there was an astronaut.

By Austin K

In the town there was a house and in that house was some sleeping children. A small brown monkey squished through the keyhole. He scrambled up the stairs and into the bedroom. He had a bag of dream eggs and he cracked open the eggs.

By Thomas 

He was flying around and then he saw a window and then he wrote down the number. Then he flew in and looked around. Then he cracked one egg. He moved to the next one and then he cracked another egg.

By Caleb

We live in an orphanage. There’s a lady called Mrs Karter she is very strict. We sleep in the same room it’s dark, scary and smelly.

By Ava

She put the egg on a book. It was a dream for a boy. It was a dinosaur world book. Then he rolled the eggs onto a scary book and the dream was called dragon world. He landed on a dragon. The dragon started to roar. By Christina

The dream giver dropped the eggs on Freddy’s head. Freddy saw a monster and he was a good guy.

By Austin W

There was once a dream giver called Unicorn. One night she flew into the chimney and she landed on the sofa. She climbed the stairs. She gave dreams. One dream was of a princess and her shoes were pink.

By Lily 

The dream giver had a big bag of golden eggs and he used those eggs to grant beautiful and some bad dreams. A boy in the orphanage was in the middle of a spooky, scary book so the dream giver granted a dream. 

By Sophia

The dream giver got to an orphanage. He flew into the window and opened his golden glowing bag. He cracked a golden glowing egg and poured some yolk into a book.

By Alexandra

The dream giver is a sparkly fairy who is Daisy. She is amazing she makes wishes come true. One night she came into a lovely home that the children Sam, Lottie, Henry and their mother lived in.

By Bethany

Oliver was asleep and suddenly the dream fairy slipped down the chimney. The dream fairy cracked and broke the egg into his football boots. Oliver was playing football and wins the game. He is the champion. Hooray!

By Dylan

Once the dream giver went to Jack and the Beanstalk and he got some golden eggs. The dream giver broke an egg on Bob’s favourite book.

By Sam

The dream giver slowly came in Billy’s room. The dream giver was a big tortoise. He got in the book with the anaconda. The anaconda tripped over a stick and bye, bye, bye.

By George 

The dream giver came in the window. The little boy is fast asleep. The dream giver opened the egg and put the egg on the dinosaur book.

By Oliver

Tyler was asleep when the dream giver opened the window. The dream giver flew in the bedroom and he cracked the egg in the ballet shoe. They turned different colours and he flew away back to his house.

By Lily-Rose

A dark night up in the mountains. Swish a small miniscule figure. C.Ronaldo was asleep on his Real Madrid bed. Oh no its Mega Falcon Fire he was here.

By Jamie

The dream giver flew in the window and saw Arthur laid on the bed.

By Ivy

Harry was fast asleep when this strange fairy man opened the windows. They was opened with a big blow of wind. Every time Harry had a good dream the fairy was happy and every time Harry had a bad dream the fairy was very very sad.

By Rosie

One night something came into the orphanage. It had a big horn, ginormous legs and gloomy scales. It was a black dragon with a sack of eggs! He tipped an egg on a tin soldier.

By Lowri

Suddenly a strange horse like figure was standing on the window sill. The figure leaped down from the window sill. Something was mistaken, it wasn’t a horse it was a flying unicorn! It has a mysterious glowing bag on her horn.

By Holly

One day in a freezing village a golden eggy dragon came. Suddenly the golden eggy dragon came in the house. He saw Jeff and Jeff Jnr and Clarence sleeping. Golden eggy dragon got his golden eggy eggs. The golden eggy eggs make dreams.

By Max

The horrible, nasty, scary creature carefully climbed out of the window. After the boy Bobby went to sleep, the man came back in very quietly. He opened the bag. In the bag was glowing eggs. He got one of the eggs, cracked it open and poured it into the boy’s book.

By Elsie

Far, far away in a hot volcano a dream dragon lived. One day the magical dragon went to an old orphanage. He put some magical golden eggs on one of the crumbled beds. He gave the magical golden eggs to the children. Millions of dream flew around in the magical rooms.

By Theo

One day a leopard ran into someone’s house. It was in the shadows of the dark room and the leopard had some eggs and put it on the child’s bed and his name was Caleb and he was fast asleep  and he had a dream where the beast came out of nowhere.

By Noah  

Dream giver gave a boy a bad dream. There was an astronaut and a dinosaur and then the dinosaur whacked the astronaut with his tail. Then the astronaut got his gold, lucky sword and then the astronaut chopped his tail off.

By Martim

One night something big but not too big came to a mysterious village on a haunted cliff. That thing flew into a normal house but the house was empty but he didn’t check upstairs so he flew upstairs.

By Henry

Once upon a time a fairy flew through a street called Pakes Drive. The fairy was called Lilly the Dream Fairy. She went into a house and a girl called Sophia-Kala was sleeping in her bedroom. Lilly opened an egg, a dream egg! It gave her a dream about a special monkey.

By Flo G

Once upon a time there was a girl she was a dream giver. Oh I forgot to tell you she is a unicorn. She cracks eggs open and instead of the yolk it is a dream. The unicorn uses its horn to crack it but just so you know the unicorn is very small so her horn is very small.

By Dascha

The dream giver was a weird old man. He was a dragon but a very silent dragon. He didn’t breathe fire and one night he might visit you. But tonight he is visiting Toby.

By Marnie


Maths - Problem Solving

We have been solving challenging problems using different apparatus to help us. We must make sure we explain our reasoning. 

Including Mrs Creasey's maths group

Maths - Measuring 

In class we have been enjoying measuring length, weight and capacity. We sorted containers that we “full”, “half full”, “nearly full” and “nearly empty”. We used measuring jugs to fill containers with the right amount of millilitres and then compared them.


Releasing our Butterflies


Easter Bonnets


Church Visit

Maths Fractions


Red Nose day


Visit to the Barbican


Reading with Harewood

Science Why do Rose Have Thorns

Lowri wanted to know ‘Why do roses have thorns?’

We have discussed our opinion and investigated what scientists think.

We have made collages of plants that have spikes, spines and prickles.


Pancake Races


World Book Day

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day in Baldocks class. The children’s costumes were fantastic. We all loved sharing our books with children from Harewood Class, reading a story in Spanish, visiting the library and completing our book scavenger hunt. Well done everyone!


Paper planes in the playground!


Mad Bad Hair Day

Art in the style on Monet


Christmas Jumper Day


Sports skills with Marcus

In Computing we have been using the Beebots. We learnt to program them to get to places on the mats.


Dance Assembly


Autumn Crowns



Tag Rugby


Wet Play

We have been practising our number bonds.


Reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl.

WE have enjoyed reading about his clever tricks.


Our morning mile

It might have been a very hot day but Key Stage 1 still went out for their daily mile! The field was out of action so we ran, jogged and walked around the playground five times.