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Baldocks Class 2017/18

Year 1 and 2

Mrs Creasey and Miss Spence

Parents/Carers: You are allowed to print copies of these photographs. However, it is not permissible for you to upload the photographs in any way to any social networking site.


Open Evening work displays


Science Bubbles


Science Day Inspired

Ayla invented a mobile homeless shop where homeless people can be looked after. She considered where they could get washed, have food and most importantly a good night sleep where they would have good dreams.

The whole class were very impressed with her design and thoughtfulness.


Mad Science Day



We have been inspired by our blue tit family to write stories which we hope you will enjoy reading.

In Computing this week we have been looking at online safety, what to do when we are not sure and who we can turn to if we have a problem. We have learnt a song to help us.

Before you tap and click... you need to stop and think... and tell someone.




Milife Workshop 


Easter Bonnets


Gardening Nest Building


Chick and Fraction Brainbuilders


Bug Hunt


Maths - Roll a fraction


Meeting the chicks


Day 7 progress of the chicks

In science Baldocks Class have been learning about the senses. We made paper glasses (sight), bell bracelets (hearing), paper flowers (smell) and 3D fruit (taste). We also looked at the textures of different materials (touch).

In Computing we have been using different device to take images and videos of each other and things around the room, including using a microscope to look at objects close up.

Christmas Song


Maths and Brainbuilders


Maths - Measuring our Bodies


Dance Assembly

Baldocks Class Dance Assembly

Science Finding Materials

We have been investigating the properties of different objects.

Baldocks class have enjoyed composing using the notes c, d and g. They practised with a pair partner and performed together as a class.

Baldocks class investigated the properties of different materials.

We were amazed that some of us could bend spoons made from metal!

We predicted that not all the materials would be waterproof and we were correct.

We learned a new word ‘absorbent’ which means a material can soak up a liquid.


Intra Cross Country


Super effort from all those playing football at the Key Stage 1 football competition. We all tried our best and had a good time.


In Computing we have been programming the BeeBots with an Algorithm, to move around the mats and obstacles.


Fantastic independent writing explaining their favourite part from The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Rosie, Wilkie and Joseph P.

Superhero afternoon!

We loved dressing up in our hero capes and rescuing our adults from perilous situations!