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SATs Test

Key stage 2

  • Publication: monitoring visits guidance

    Monitoring visits guidancefor key stage 2 (KS2) tests is now available. This guidance supports local authorities arranging monitoring visits and informs schools about what they can expect if they receive a visit.

  • Publication: maladministration guidance

    We have also updated the guidance about STA's procedures for investigating allegations of maladministration relating to the phonics screening check, KS1 and KS2 tests or teacher assessment.
  • Reminder: complete additional time applications by Monday 24 April

    Please remember to submit any applications for additional time by the deadline, Monday 24 April.

    Applications should be made in the 'Access arrangements' section of NCA tools by a teacher who has a good knowledge of the relevant pupil's needs and abilities.

    Please note that only one application should be created, edited or viewed at any one time. Attempting to access multiple applications or pages within the access arrangements section can result in corrupt submissions.

    Some sections of NCA tools automatically load within a new browser tab. You should close any additional tabs, or browser windows, before beginning an application.

    Applications can't be amended or deleted after submission. You should read the additional time guidance, including the questions guide, before starting to make an application. We've also published a video demonstrating how to apply.

Primary assessment

  • Information: new resources for parents

    We have produced a new leaflet and 2 videos aimed at parents with children in year 2 and year 6.

    These provide basic information on the purpose and format of the tests, how parents can best support their child and how the results will be reported.

    You may find these resources useful during discussions about the tests with parents of year 2 and year 6 pupils.

    Both videos and the leaflet can be accessed here.