Theydon Bois Primary School

Orchard Drive, Epping, Essex, CM16 7DH

01992 813083



As seen by the children


Mr A. Rall


Miss Williams

Deputy  Headteacher and Teacher

 Miss Barwell

Mrs Alderson

 Miss Barwell Mrs Creasey

Miss Eldridge

Mrs Farley Mrs Jones


Mr Blyth

Mrs Kemmish (SENCo) Miss Lane


Miss Capocci

Mrs Revell Miss Spence
Miss Saggers


Mrs Scrutton 

 Miss Rogers








Office staff


Mrs Bedwell


Mrs Salmon

Administration Officer

Mrs Winch

Administration Officer

& Medical Welfare

Mrs Peddle

Medical Welfare

Site Manager
Mr Bristow
Computing Technician with some teaching responsibilities

                                                                      Mrs Bullock


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Ashman


Mrs Atkinson

Mrs Beard

 Mrs White

and School Lunch Administration


Mrs Collins
Mrs Green

Mrs Hart

Mrs Hasell


Mrs Hathaway

 Mrs Hazel

Mrs Arthur


Mrs Atkinson

Mrs Koczan

Mrs Adley 



Mrs Perryment

Mrs Harris  


 Mrs N Atkinson
Miss Ward 


Mrs Woods





      Kitchen Staff

Mrs Baillie

        Domestic Assistant         

Miss Vince

 Catering Manager

 Mrs Mason

Assistant Catering Manager

Mrs Irwin

Domestic Assistant

Mrs Woodley 

Assistant Catering Manager


Midday Assistants


Mrs Cronin

Miss Hasell

Mrs Green Mrs Hathaway

Mrs Smith

 Mrs Arthur  Miss Wickes

Mrs Atkinson

Miss Chatt

Mrs White

(Maternity leave)

Mrs Hazel

Mrs Woods

 Mrs Richardson Mrs Baldwin Mrs Beard




Cleaning Staff


Mrs Vince



     Ms Chandler

Mrs Parker