Theydon Bois Primary School

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Pakes Class 2017/18

Year 2

Miss Chudasama

Parents/Carers: You are allowed to print copies of these photographs. However, it is not permissible for you to upload the photographs in any way to any social networking site.


Dance Assembly


Acrostic Poets, actors and actresses!

Check out our videos. Can you name our Acrostic Poems?


Hey You Compositions with Mrs Koczan

Oppa Mondrian Style!!! 

We enjoyed going around and looking at each other’s Brainbuilder Tasks. We gave someone else a star - This was something that we liked about their work.

In Science we were object detectives! We discovered how objects feel and how they look. We learned lots of new vocabulary. With our great enthusiasm together with a little bit of help from Miss Chudasama we also learned what opaque and transparent mean. Aren’t we clever?!

In Maths we used different practical ways to find out the greatest and smallest numbers. Some of us counted different coloured sweets, some of us built numbers using the tens and ones equipment, some of us used a hundred square and some of us used  dice and looked at the place of the digits.

We shared our strategies with other children. One person from each group was the spokesperson. We learned a lot from each other.


Our hot tasks are “hot, hot, hot!”

Have you ever been on an adventure and something goes wrong? We wrote our own stories based on “Whatever Next”. A household object turned into something real and away we went, but was everything going to be alright? Here are some snippets of a few…


…She picked up a leaf and it turned into a surf board. Snow was sugar, the trees were candy floss…the grass was strawberry lace…They went on a roller coaster. They got on it, it went…Then it stopped…


…I went to America on the wavy sea… I wanted money so I robbed a bank and got arrested and put in prison. It was horrid…I was in prison for a week because I escaped from the toilets…


…I hopped in and away I went to Chocolate Factory…It looked like brown chocolate…I crashed my aeroplane so I had to make a flying chocolate carpet so I could get back home…


….“Where are they?” I was so sad… “Yes it’s them”….They were in the swimming pool…We all jumped back in the suitcase and flew back home and played round mine.


…Then I got butterfly wings and I flew with them. Suddenly I ended up in Butterfly Land and on the floor there was candy…I met the butterfly queen and had tea with her…


…I wondered where I was…I found a secret door. I grabbed the candy and it was really yummy…I lost my teddy in Candy World…I found my teddy with my special watch…


…I was looking in my toy box and I found a toy plane…I flew to the moon and I met an alien and I got stuck in a crater…


…”I want to go to Disney Land”…There were two buttons. I didn’t know which one to press. I pressed the right one…Then there was something swirly, big and round like a really big circle Portal…


“Can I go to Minecraft Land?” “No, it is bath time,” said Mum. He found a button, then the box turned into a fun, fast, orange, cool car…


…I zoomed off. I flew for 2 minutes then something terrible happened. The magic stopped but luckily a kind Genie caught me on her magic carpet…

We have been programming the Beebot with an Algorithm to move around the mats and obstacles.

Check us out doing a "cold task"!

Maths Challenge -  The Superheroes

We are playing responsibly during choosing time and wet lunch.

Us learning our class dance - this music will get you up dancing! "Ohhhhhhh"


We made bookmarks. We learned about the apostrophe.


We learned about the primary and secondary colours in Art. We made a colour wheel. Secondary colours are made by matching 2 primary colours - colour magic!